Auto Accidents

Have you been in an auto accident recently? Aches and pains after your car accident, injury or fall are an indication that the spine has suffered damage. The pain may go away, but the spinal damage will not heal correctly. Untreated spinal injuries can result in future pain, arthritis and radicular symptoms.

Consulting with chiropractor after an auto accident can prevent permanent damage, and avoid a life of chronic pain and discomfort. An experienced chiropractor can help with something as simple as loosen stiff muscles, or they can help with the more serious injuries such as: neck injuries / whiplash, back injuries, and soft tissue injuries that may have occurred from a vehicular accident.

Paperwork and Billing Nightmares?

Our staff is experienced and has an extensive track record of working with personal injury attorneys. We offer top notch assistance with your case. Will handle the entire billing process for you so you can focus on getting better. Did you know that in most cases, your auto insurance will cover your treatment? Our experienced staff will help assist you with all insurance and billing questions.