We Can Help

At Sendroff Chiropractic Center we strive ourselves for offering top of the line medical treatment. We pride ourselves in offering the treatment necessary for you to get back on track to a normal pain free life. With our very own x-ray facility on site, we can help diagnose whatever is ailing you and come up with a treatment plan best suited for you and your needs.

Low Back Pain

Have you tried muscle relaxers, pain killers, and bed rest for your lower back pain? These only serve to decrease the symptoms. They do not actually fix the problem. In order to fix lower back pain you have to re-establish the position and normal motion of your bones and joints.

Chiropractic treatment and lower back pain seem to go hand in hand. The treatment process is pretty straightforward. Chiropractic treatment has a proven record of effective lower back pain treatment. The reason why simple, Chiropractic treatment is the only way to re-establish the position and normal motion of the spine.

Upper Back and Neck Pain

Upper back and most neck pain is caused by multiple factors. These include but are not limited to poor posture, chiropractic subluxations, injury, in some instances disc problems, or simply stress.

There can be different treatments to alleviate the pain. Sometimes this includes adjustments to the affected areas of the cervical and thoracic spine. In addition to adjustments adding stretching, a massage, and or exercise, you can alleviate your upper back and neck pain.


Research has shown that chiropractic adjustments can be effective at treating headaches. Cases are different and will require a personal evaluation with our staff before starting treatment. However, through chiropractic treatment most cases of headaches can be alleviated. No sense in tolerating another migraine. Call the staff at Sendroff Chiropractic Center and end your senseless suffering today.


Sciatica is a common condition, and if you suffering from this condition it is a sign of an underlying problem. Pressure on a nerve in the lower back is generally the reason of this problem. It is more than likely caused by a bulging or herniated lumbar disc. An indicator of Sciatica is pain from the lumbar to the buttock, and sometimes even down the leg. It may even include weakness in the affected leg, numbness, or even tingling. Pain may vary from sharp, burning sensations, to a mild ache, or even a wide array of discomfort. Chiropractic care along with deep tissue massages, and stretching can relieve sciatic pain.

Pinched Nerves

Have you ever heard of “subluxation”? Subluxation is a condition that experienced chiropractors are used to treating. This condition is simply a “pinched nerve”. A pinched nerve is actually an irritated, or inflamed nerve. When the bones, joints or muscles of the spine are not in their proper position this leads to irritated and inflamed nerves. This is common condition that Dr. Sendroff has dealt with during his 16 years of practice. Call us today and let us help you end “pinched nerve” today.


Noninvasive chiropractic care that is performed safely and gently can help with pains during pregnancy. Most women experience a number of neuromuscular problems during pregnancy. With the increased weight gain and changes in the distribution of weight it can put a strain on the body. Dr. Sendroff can provide numerous possibilities designed specifically for use on pregnant patients. Don’t spend another second in pain. If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact our staff. We would love to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have.

Other conditions

We cover a wide array of conditions. This includes sports injuries, work injuries, fibromyalgia, numbness, joint pain, and scoliosis. Call us today so we can work on alleviating your pain and discomfort.